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Assisting older adults in navigating and integrating opportunities in our community that make living a fulfilled and independent life possible.

Georgetown Interfaith Caregivers was begun in 2000 as a part of the Georgetown Information and Volunteer Exchange (G.I.V.E). The program began in response to an identified need for transportation for seniors in our community which now has limited public transportation. This program follows the national volunteer care giving model and received start-up funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in January 2001 when a full time coordinator was hired. An Advisory Committee was formed by a coalition of community churches to support and direct the program. In January of 2003 Georgetown Interfaith Caregivers became an independent entity providing volunteer transportation and other support services to clients. These services are designed to help them maintain their independence and quality of life.


The organization’s name was changed to Faith in Action Caregivers-Georgetown in 2007 to reflect its relationship to the regional and national Faith in Action Volunteer Caregiver movement. The current name, Faith in Action – Georgetown, was adopted by the board of Directors in 2012.  In 2017, a new brand was unveiled that matched more with who we are and what we do and the current Faith in Action – Driving Seniors was introduced.


Over the years Faith in Action Georgetown has adapted the programs to meet the needs of the senior community. In 2017, the organization expanded their operation offering ride scheduling and coordination full time.  The Go-Van-Go program launched in 2018 offering group grocery trips and social outings on a 14-passenger van. Point-to-point rides surpassed 10,000 rides in 2018 with a new record in 2019 of 13,612 rides. COVID-19 in 2020 saw the need to implement a Buddy Program that connected the volunteers and clients with a social check in, online grocery assistance and curbside pick-up and delivery.

Post pandemic, 2023, Faith in Action Georgetown has launched its new pilot program, Pay Your Pal and with the help of a generous federal grant, a new minivan has been purchased. By the end of 2023, Faith in Action Georgetown is expected to serve over 900 clients. 

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In 1985 Georgetown resident, Kathy Backus, pioneered the first Caregiver Program in Central Texas, West Austin Caregivers. Thanks to her leadership and vision, Faith In Action Georgetown's foundation, as well as several similar programs was established. We are grateful for visionaries like Kathy who make our work possible. 

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