Volunteer Spotlight

We are grateful to each and every one of our volunteer heroes who go out of their way to serve our seniors. Each quarter we recognize those who have gone above and beyond for us and those we are here to serve. 

Volunteer Appreciation Curbside Deliveries

In December we revamped our usual Volunteer Appreciation ceremony due to COVID. Instead of a banquet, we had the privilege of doing curbside deliveries for our yearly award winners for 2020. During this unprecedented and difficult year, they came through in BIG ways! Thank you to all who have served our seniors through COVID and beyond! 

2021 1st Quarter Awards

Each of these volunteers received a $30 HEB Gas Card! 

Growing - Most rides taken - Rick Hooks
Giving - Volunteer Who Gives Back by Assisting FIAG - Luann Schmitt
Going - Most Care Calls - JoAnne Randall


Volunteer Rick Hooks has been with FIAG since the end of 2016. Since then he has gone above and beyond to help our seniors! Rick is a retired first responder and loves to serve his community. He has repeatedly taken our out of town rides and drives 2-3 times a week! Rick serves as a testament that finding your Volunteer place of passion can fuel your ability to impact and make a huge difference in your community. Rick, thank you for blowing us away with 106 rides this quarter and continuing to serve our seniors!



This award goes to a volunteer that gives back to FIAG in multiple ways. This 1st quarter Luann did a combination of local drives, long distances drives into Austin, and also helped out with drives for COVID vaccinations and testing for our clients. Luann says, "I found Faith In Action when my husband and I moved to Sun City-Georgetown a little over 2 years ago. It gave me an opportunity to help people in my community while just driving them to their appointments! The clients are fantastic; it’s so great getting to know folks while you drive them and FIAG clients are super grateful for the organization and volunteers. Many of them have said they don’t know what they’d do without FIAG. I’m glad to be able to do just a little part of ALL that FIAG does to help our seniors." 

Congratulations to Volunteer John Viers who was the random drawing winner for the long range drives into Austin, Cedar Park or Temple within the 1st Quarter! He really enjoys taking those harder to fill drives. John has been a big help with taking our clients to their medical appointments. Thank you for all that you do John!


JoAnne Randall - JoAnne has been an active volunteer since March 2020. When COVID hit, she started making care calls to two of our clients. It has been over a year now, and she still has the same two buddy's that she calls to check on once or twice a week! She has just been awesome, thank you for what you do for our seniors!


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