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Wheels on the Van Go Round and Round for Riders All Over Town

Faith in Action Georgetown’s van program launched the week of July 16 to positive reviews from riders who had a chance to visit grocery stores and Walmart as a group. On July 18, a second group of riders were taken to Walmart for a shopping expedition. Faith in Action Driver Mike Randall called each rider in advance to let them know he was on the way. Once at the destination, Mr. Randall was quick to hop out to help riders into the van and hand them a clip-on nametag color coded to the bins they were assigned to make sure their purchases didn’t get mixed up. All of the riders had used FIAG before for doctors appointments and shopping, yet they were interested to see how the van system would work. Pat Beck and Anita Briggs said they had tried GoGeo, Georgetown’s bus system, for grocery shopping. But the bus stops are too far from the store and with the summer heat, taking the city bus just wasn’t practical and healthy for the seniors. The FIAG van drops them off in front of the store and takes them back to their homes. Janice Jones described FIAG’s volunteer drivers as “absolutely fantastic. I can’t say enough. It (FIAG) has been my salvation.” Her sons who live near Dallas/Fort Worth want her to move closer, but Georgetown is her home. “Other than my eyesight and mobility, I’m doing great!” After returning to the van from her shopping trip to Walmart, Harriet Hughes announced she was going to immediately make reservations for the next van trip to HEB so she could pick up items not available at Walmart. “It’s fine and I met new friends,” said Billie Jean Mancil. “It’s fun to go as a group like this.” The van program takes groups to both HEB stores in Georgetown and Walmart at specific times on specific days. Shop. Share. Socialize. Schedule your ride at (512) 868-9544.

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