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Faith in Action Launches Grocery Van Service

Few people would make 10 trips to the grocery store in a single day, so it doesn’t make sense for Faith in Action volunteers to do the same. Over 20 percent of the rides given to seniors are to grocery stores. To be better stewards of volunteers’ time and our resources so we can meet increased demand, we hit the road for solutions. The result: a retired multi-passenger van from Capitol Metro was awarded to Faith in Action Georgetown after a competitive grant was submitted.

Thank you to Capital Metro for the donation of the van!

The new van service will provide group rides to local grocery stores so more seniors will have access to fresh food. Group rides will allow riders an opportunity to meet other residents in the community and make new connections. FIAG made repainting and renovating the van its project for Amplify Austin, a community wide fundraising effort for local non-profits. Funds raised will pay for a branded vinyl wrap of the van making it highly visible in the community. Funds also will be used to update the interior and add seats and a container to hold shopping bags. A regional route plan will be developed. Stay tuned for more details!

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