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Drivers ease concerns for riders

The idea of driving on Interstate 35 is terrifying for many people. For Christopher Fernando, he knows it would be unhealthy given his medical conditions. Having Faith in Action Georgetown drivers like Rick Hooks transport him and his wife, Agnes, to doctors’ appointments outside of Georgetown means his blood pressure can stay in check. “I thank God so I don’t have to be so anxious,” Mr. Fernando said. The Fernandos moved to Georgetown a decade ago. They learned about Faith in Action Georgetown four years ago from a friend and from information at the Stonehaven Apartments in southeast Georgetown. Although Mr. Fernando has a car, he only uses it to drive to HEB and to St. Helen Catholic Church. Anything else, and he’s reluctant to get behind the wheel. He appreciates the Faith in Action Georgetown drivers because they are committed to serving the seniors they drive to medical appointments and for personal errands, especially since he finds it increasingly difficult to get around. He is thankful the drivers are patient and willing to wait for as long as it takes to see a doctor. “They are not really drivers; they are angels,” said Mrs. Fernando. “They open the car door and they are very pleasant and friendly.” Mr. Hooks, who has driven the Fernandos individually and as a couple for eye appointments in Cedar Park, said he believes it’s a privilege to drive people to doctors’ appointments and other places. “I just like to help people and I like to drive and I like to get to know these clients and create friendships with them,” Mr. Hooks said. It is drivers like Mr. Hooks that inspire Mr. Fernando, who is moved by the unselfish service to help others like him.

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