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Buddy Program

What is the Buddy Program?

In March of 2020, Faith in Action Georgetown was, like so many nonprofits, forced to reconsider its service delivery model. While our clients were used to socializing through our Go-Van-Go program and other one-on-one interactions provided by FIAG, we soon realized this would no longer be possible for the foreseeable future. 

But we still knew the need for seniors to feel socially connected was imperative now more than ever. So, we went to work creating the Buddy Program. Through this program, our volunteers are matched up with seniors in need of a social connection. Twice a week, volunteers call and chat with their assigned senior to see how they are feeling, if they had needs we can fulfill or just to visit. This program has been so popular and forged so many deep friendships, we have kept it as part of our ongoing service model. 

To become a Volunteer Buddy, you must first fill out a volunteer application and background check. From there, we will walk you through the process of becoming a volunteer with our organization and how you can be assigned a Buddy of your own! 


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